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Adventure package

Adventure package

12. Dec 2015 • Under: Määratlemata


Adventure package is great for couples as well as friends.

Only few kilometers from Rakvere, in Kunda river valley is Lontova Adventure Park that offers great adventures for all ages.

Package includes accommodation in a cosy Wesenbergh hotel room, delicious breakfast and team area course with zip sliding in the adventure park.

Lontova Adventure Park is positioned in the depths of wild valley where the rapid of river Kunda is flowing along the wild canyon. We have created adventurous recreational opportunities combined with the magical wilderness of untouched pure nature to offer satisfaction to all thrill seekers. Besides adrenaline pumping attractions we have scenic nature hike that is suitable for every level of fitness.

Our adventure park is filled with wondrous activity for families, coteries and other affiliated groups of people. In addition to active vacation one could enjoy delicious meals at the Blücher café which is part of the adventure park complex.

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Price: 80€ for two

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