More than a 750 years ago the Castle of Rakvere was called as Wesenbergh.


This same street was called after Prince Heinrich during the czarist Russia and during the first invasion of Germany. Since the Estonian time this street is named as Tallinn. The first building that was made from wood was constructed by the priest of Russia Stepen Roždestvenski. It was constructed to the same place where there is our stone building at the moment. At the end of 19th Century there was a bakery, cellar of vodka and a store.


Afterward, this property was owned by mister G. Kansberg, who also was a mayor of Rakvere for a short periood of time. In 1907 mister Kansberg decided to build a two-story house made from stone – our hotel Wesenbergh. On the first floor there were shops and on the second floor there were apartments.


During the end of the republic of Estonia in 1937 there was a police station at the building and on the second floor there was an apartement for a local sheriff. In 1940 the building was nationalized, in the backyard there were prison chambers where they hold the ones who were arrested. In 1941 there was a bombing and the building was in bad shape until the end of the war. After the was the building was renovated and in October 1948 it was opened as a guest house.


1993 – The restaurant of Wesenbergh was opened with 80 seats.

1994 – Hotel Wesenbergh was opened, it offered accommodation for 28 people.


2001 - There was a renovation and due to that the hotel got up to 40 more spaces. The süite of A. Pärt was also completed.


2003 – Villa Wesenbergh was completed. It can accommodate separately up to 20 people.


2005 – The Kuur-Saal was opened. It is a cosy place for a party up to 120 people. During the week it is a popular place for a lunch. They are open from Monday to Friday at 10:30-16:00 and the offer soups, main dishes and desserts.


2013 – The restaurant and hallway of Wesenbergh were renovated 


2018 – all the rooms were renovated

Hotell Wesenbergh

+372 514 5202

Tallinna 25

44311 Rakvere